Innovative Solutions for Diagnostic Imaging QA at RSNA

Sun Nuclear provides innovative solutions for Diagnostic Imaging QA, including CT, Mammography, and Ultrasound applications. RSNA 2021 Annual Meeting attendees are invited to Booth #2100, South Exhibit Hall, to see the range of comprehensive solutions available.

Featured for CT

<p>Multi-Energy CT Phantom</p>

Multi-Energy CT Phantom

Dual-energy CT imaging delivers quantitative results that demand regular quality control. This phantom provides the rigor needed to ensure optimal system performance. Learn about the latest flexible capabilities at RSNA.

<p>Advanced Performance Assessment</p>

Advanced Performance Assessment

The Mercury 4.0 Phantom makes it possible to characterize advanced CT features, including Automatic Exposure Control and Iterative Reconstruction, to support protocol optimization and proper dose management for your patients.

<p>Multi-Modality CT Accreditation</p>

Multi-Modality CT Accreditation

Meet ACR accreditation CT guidelines for CT image quality and performance evaluation with the CT ACR 464 Phantom. Made of the proven Original Solid Water® Zero HU formulation, this phantom offers modules that support a variety of tests.

Plus, see Sun Nuclear's CT SIM+™ lasers and Advanced Electron Density Phantom at RSNA in the Fujifilm Booth #1911, in the South Hall.

Mammography Solutions

<p>Mammography Compliance Solutions</p>

Mammography Compliance Solutions

Ensure quality and compliance for your digital mammography systems with our FFDM™ Phantom, 156™ Phantom, 156D™ Stereo Phantom, and 3D Performance Kit.

<p>Modular DBT™ Phantom</p>

Modular DBT™ Phantom

A stack of modules supports a variety of tests and automatically aligns to the detector chest wall for easy setup and reproducibility.

<p>Mammo CESM™ Phantom</p>

Mammo CESM™ Phantom

Independently verify different beam qualities across a range of iodine concentrations and breast glandularity with this modular phantom.

Ultrasound QA & DR/CR/Fluoroscopy

<p>Sono Ultrasound Phantoms</p>

Sono Ultrasound Phantoms

A selection of models support your training and QA testing of B-mode ultrasound systems.

<p>Doppler Ultrasound Phantoms</p>

Doppler Ultrasound Phantoms

Doppler 403™ and Mini-Doppler 1430™ Flow Phantoms help assess system velocities using precision flow rates and proprietary blood-mimicking fluid.

<p>DR/CR/Fluoroscopy QA Solutions</p>

DR/CR/Fluoroscopy QA Solutions

Review all Sun Nuclear DR/CR/Fluoroscopy solutions for beam geometry and alignment testing, dose and exposure rate measurements, and more

See all Diagnostic QA solutions available from Sun Nuclear

Mirion Solutions at RSNA

Looking for other Mirion Technologies solutions at RSNA? Visit Booth #6525 (North Hall) for Mirion Dosimetry Services solutions, including Instadose® wireless monitoring, and Capintec and Biodex solutions for Nuclear Medicine, PET, Dosimetry and Hot Labs.

Schedule 1:1 Demonstrations

Live demonstrations are a convenient way to catch up on key advances from across the comprehensive Sun Nuclear portfolio. Whether or not you're registered for RSNA, we want to share what's new.