RSNA 2019

December 1-5, 2019 // Chicago, IL
Booth 2100, South Building

We are pleased to be an exhibitor at RSNA 2019 in Chicago at McCormick Place — Booth 2100, South Building.

Gammex, a Sun Nuclear company, develops solutions for your evolving diagnostic imaging QA needs. We invite you to join us in RSNA Booth 2100, South Building, for a look at the latest solutions for QA/QC of CT, Mammography, Ultrasound, and DR/CR/Fluoroscopy.

Stop by to see our products firsthand and get a demo of the new RapidCHECK Dignostic QA Software.

Ask the Expert Sessions

During RSNA, we will host two integral collaborators and leading clinical users of our QA/QC solutions for CT and Ultrasound in our booth. Please plan to stop by Booth 2100 (South Building) during the following times to ask your QC questions.


Understanding the Behavior of Your Automatic Exposure Control System

Timothy Szczykutowicz, Ph.D., DABR, University of Wisconsin-Madison

13:00 - 14:00, Monday, December 2
- 15:00, Tuesday, December 3

Given the complexity of any single vendor’s implementation of AEC systems, understanding the behavior of these systems is not trivial. When tasked with optimizing protocols across many different vendor’s scanners makes, models, and software versions, a systematic approach to characterizing AEC is needed. During this session, you can:

  • Ask about how to address AEC challenges
  • Learn about initial experience using the Mercury 4.0 Phantom

Optimizing Transmit Focus Settings with Multi-Row Array Transducers

James A. Zagzebski, Ph.D., FAAPM, University of Wisconsin-Madison

11:00 - 12:00, Wednesday, December 4

Elevational resolution, or "slice thickness", can be a limiting factor in ultrasound imaging of breast and superficial structures. Multi-row array transducers can partially overcome this by varying the elevational aperture with transmit focus settings. The effectiveness is system and software version dependent. One tool that provides a vivid demonstration of the interplay between user-set machine settings and focal mass clarity is a spherical lesion phantom. During this session, you can:

  • Ask about ultrasound imaging challenges
  • Learn about experience using the Sono408™ Spherical Lesion Phantom
    • See how carrying the number and placement of transmit focal zones in system presets work
    • Review examples of multi-row transducers for use with newer ultrasound machines that have no user transmit focus settings


Featured Solutions // CT

Highlights of our CT QA portfolio include:

  • Advanced Electron Density Phantom: Exquisite match to ICRU-44 and ICRP supports accurate, appropriate calibration
  • Advanced iqModules™: Expand CT QA with unparalleled image quality testing capabilities
  • CTDI Phantoms: Measure absorbed dose and monitor scanner output for Dose Index QA
  • Mercury 4.0 Phantom: Address needs for advanced CT image quality assessment and automatic exposure control
  • Multi-Energy CT Phantom: Verify your CT scanners quantify material classification
  • RapidCHECK™ Diagnostic QA Software: Automate your Diagnostic QA workflow for enhanced consistency

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Featured Solutions // Mammography

Highlights of our Mammo QA portfolio include:

  • Mammo 156 & 156D Stereo Phantoms: Measure and monitor signal to noise resolution and image quality
  • Mammo 3D Performance Kit: Acceptance testing for 3D Tomosynthesis Mammography Systems
  • Mammo CESM Phantom: QA for Contrast Enhanced Spectral and Digital Mammography
  • Mammo FFDM Phantom: ACR Accreditation Phantom for Digital Mammography QA
  • Modular DBT Phantom: Thorough Testing of Tomosynthesis System Stability and Lesion Detectability

Featured Solutions // Ultrasound

Highlights of our Ultrasound QA portfolio include:

  • Doppler 403 & Mini-Doppler 1430: Reliably test system velocities with Precision Pulsatile Flow Mode
  • Sono403 Phantom: Verification of Axial Resolution and Depth of Penetration
  • Sono404 Phantom: Testing of High Frequency Transducers to Ensure Highest Image Quality
  • Sono408 Phantom: Simultaneous Testing of Axial, Lateral and Elevational Resolutions
  • Sono410 Phantom: Two scanning surfaces to conform to most convex and linear arrays
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