Workflow Step

RapidCHECK™ is an automated, diagnostic QA software platform that brings together proven diagnostic QA phantoms and intuitive software for efficient and standardized diagnostic QA workflows.

Automate Diagnostic QA
Use RapidCHECK with your CT ACR 464 Phantom for faster analysis and an easily searchable permanent record and trending reports.

Use RapidCHECK with your Advanced Electron Density Phantom to automatically find and identify the material of each rod, and to streamline the CT-to-Electron Density table report.

Access RapidCHECK from any browser in your clinical network to simplify workflow regardless of clinic size.

How it Works
Define a baseline with your initial scan. RapidCHECK suggests tolerance values based on ACR guidelines and the empirical measurements.

With the baseline set, each scan is evaluated and scored against your defined tolerances, eliminating inter/intra-use variation.

Trending and Historical Data
All images, analysis, trending and data are stored locally for fast and easy access.

Configure reporting results to suit your needs.

Easily review prior scans, analyze trends, and investigate anomalous results.

Accelerate your diagnostic QA workflows

Combine RapidCHECK with the CT ACR 464 Phantom to automate CT image quality testing. Generate a complete report in seconds, with analysis of slice thickness, resolution, and uniformity. Built-in evidence-based metrics remove subjectivity from evaluations.



Operating System

Windows 10 Pro with Creators Update (Version 1703) and Fall Creators Update (Version 1709, build 16299), Window 10 Enterprise, or Windows 10 Educational

Regional Settings

US or International

Minimum Computer Specifications

Intel i3 processor; total RAM: 4 GB (8 GB recommended); 10 GB of drive space; Display resolution: 1280 x 1024; Color depth: 32-bit


Google Chrome® (recommended) or Microsoft Edge®