SunCHECK™ Powers Quality Management

Meet the stringent demands of stereotactic treatments, with our suite of SRS/SBRT solutions. On this page, view on-demand presentations from departments practicing stereotactic treatment deliveries.

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Monthly Machine QA

Accelerated Monthly Machine QA with SunCHECK™ Machine & IC PROFILER™

Presented by: Jessica Kelley Salazar, Ph.D., DABR, Orlando Health Cancer Institute

Orlando Health Cancer Institute went from 3-4 hours down to 1-1.5 hours for monthly Machine QA with SunCHECK™ Machine. In this presentation, learn how they were able to:

  • Standardize and consolidate data accross 11 sites and 15 machines from a mix of vendors
  • Leverage prebuilt AAPM TG-152 templates for easy implementation, and customize to their own specifications
  • Use SunCHECK's direct device control of IC PROFILER™ with Quad Wedges for automated beam constancy checks

Efficient Implementation and Use of AAPM TG-142

Presented by: David Barbee, Ph.D., NYU Langone Medical Center

In support of the AAPM TG-142 QA recommendations, NYU Langone Medical Center implemented SunCHECK, leveraging its direct device control of IC PROFILER, to help efficiently manage these recommendations. This talk covers:

  • Standardization of daily, monthly and annual QA with one web-based platform
  • Flexibility for creating and maintaining customizable templates, baselines and tolerances
  • Efficiency gains with automated image analysis and direct device control
  • Issues caught that would have been missed without SunCHECK

Patient QA & In-Vivo Dosimetry

Building a Complete QA Program & Improving Patient Care

Presented by: William Ruck, MS, DABR, DABMP, Dayton VA Medical Center

With SunCHECK, the Dayton VA Medical Center's initial goal was to move away from spreadsheets, in favor of centralized, electronic QA records, but they were able to gain so much more. In this webinar, Chief Physicist William Ruck speaks to :

  • Minimizing time for QA and data analysis
  • Maintaining easy-to-recall data for audits
  • Improving patient care from insights automation and in-vivo dosimetry
  • Ultimately, paving a path toward adaptive planning

Clinical Experience on an Automated QA Platform in a Busy Multicentre Dept.

Presented by: Evy Bossuyt, MS, Iridium Netwerk (Belgium)

Belgium’s Iridium Netwerk counts on SunCHECK Patient for automated analysis and actionable insights. In its first two years using SunCHECK, errors were detected in 7% of fractions analyzed. This talk covers:

  • Implementating in-vivo dosimetry with SunCHECK in a busy department
  • Analyzing 56,000 fractions and finding 4,000 errors
  • Potential for adaptive planning with in-vivo error insights

Implementation Made Easy

SunCHECK Implementation: The Queen Experience

Presented by Mark Young, M.S., Queen of the Valley Hospital

Queen of the Valley Hospital implemented SunCHECK Platform with the aim to holistically standardize resources for a better Quality Management experience. In this talk, learn how SunCHECK helped them achieve:

  • Efficient Machine QA with automated analysis
  • Tracking Patient-Specific QA throughout the treatment course
  • Easy compliance with accreditation requirements, like ACR
  • Implementation that's thorough and specific to their clinical environment

Comparison of Vendor-Dependent vs Independent Linac QA

Presented by: Cassandra Stambaugh, Ph.D, Tufts Medical Center

Before implementing SunCHECK, the team at Tufts Medical Center compared SunCHECK to the linac vendor's MPC. Watch the presentation to hear:

  • Comparison of the two systems based on efficiency, agreement and usefulness
  • Ability to efficiently perform Machine QA per AAPM TG-142, with meaningful data for trending
  • Findings on the advantages of an independent QA system for true QA

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