Thousands of clinics use it. Linac manufacturers depend on it, too. Within minutes, IC PROFILER™ provides powerful, real-time beam performance data for linac acceptance, routine QA and more.

Monthly QA in Minutes
In a single, multi-purpose measurement you get constancy checks for output and beam quality – plus flatness, symmetry, field size and penumbra width. Completeness of results means more beam changes can be caught before they impact uptime, or patient safety.

Annual QA with Ease
IC PROFILER is the only 2D array proven to be water tank equivalent -- yielding highly accurate results and far more efficient workflows. When used with a 1D SCANNER™, IC PROFILER supports easy and comprehensive Annual QA.

Significantly Streamlined Beam Steering
IC PROFILER provides real-time feedback with a simple set-up that saves time.

Vetted by the Vendors
All major linac manufacturers rely on the IC PROFILER to streamline critical measurements during internal linac testing, on-site installation and service events.

The Water Tank Alternative
With accuracy within 0.5%, IC PROFILER works for most applications where a water tank is used. Yet, it:

  • Sets up in minutes, not hours
  • Requires no warm-up or pre-irradiation
  • Manages Power Data Interface (PDI) through a single-cable architecture

It’s such a go-to solution, we made an MR-compliant version.

Fast Full-Field Measurements
Rather than simply focusing on a single point, the IC PROFILER:

  • Simultaneously measures X, Y and both diagonal axes
  • Analyzes beam start-up characteristics for anomalies
  • Enables real-time, full-field beam tuning

Simplified Beam Energy Verification
A vital accessory, our Quad Wedge Plates were designed with linac manufacturing engineers to provide:

  • Easy, reproducible set-up
  • A wide range of supported energies for both photons and electrons
  • Maximum efficiency compared to use of Solid Water
    • ~15 minutes for 5 beams (8 energies), vs. ~60 minutes
    • One trip into the treatment room, vs. 6 or 7 using Solid Water
    • Water equivalent results designed for installation of a new linac

SunCHECK™ Integration
The SunCHECK Platform allows real-time control of the IC PROFILER, without having to launch or maintain a separate application.

  • Streamline workflows with automated data collection and beam measurements
  • Take advantage of efficient TG-142 templates for easy Monthly (and Annual) QA

Simply deliver the beam, then accept or reject the real-time results recorded by SunCHECK Machine.

“(IC PROFILER with Quad Wedges) reduced overall measurement time... for photons and electrons by 50% and 66%, respectively."

  • D. Barbee, et. al, NYU Langone Health, New York, NY, U.S.
  • Clinical Experience Implementing an Ion Chamber Array for Monthly Beam Constancy Versus Ion Chamber in Water (AAPM 2020)

Unique Ion Chamber Design

IC PROFILER features uniquely shaped ion chambers with 5 mm spacing on primary axes and 7 mm on diagonals for maximized signal and minimized detector density and volume averaging.

Detector Resolution

Ion chamber volume resolution of 2.9 mm along the field gradient minimizes dose volume averaging.

Field Size

The array is 32cm x 32cm (primary axes), with 45cm diagonal length. A 40cm x 40cm field is possible with the SSD at 75cm.

Gantry Mounting Fixture

GMF™ supports annual gantry angle measurements – beam quality, constancy, and off-axis.

MR-Compatible Version

IC PROFILER-MR, used by Elekta and ViewRay development and engineering teams, enables real-time, tankless beam scanning for any department practicing MRgRT.


Beam Quality Verification Using IC PROFILER with Quad Wedge Accessories

Learn how Quad Wedges can be used with IC PROFILER to significantly speed up beam energy verification.

CTA icp 2



Device Specifications

Detector Type

Parallel plate Ion Chamber

Detector Quantity

251 total; X Axis: 63; Y Axis: 65; -Diagonal: 63; +Diagonal: 63

Detector Spacing (mm)


Array Size (cm)

32.0 x 32.0

Detector Volume (cm3)


Detector Sensitivity (pC/cGy)


Inherent Buildup (g/cm2)


Inherent Backscatter (g/cm2)


Phantom Material

PMMA (Acrylic) / PC

Weight (kg)


System Requirements (PROFILER Software)

Operating System

Windows 10 Pro 64-bit







Electron Energy Quad Wedge Plate

Aluminum-based design; Suitable for analysis of energies from 4-22 MeV

Photon Energy Quad Wedge Plate

Copper-based design; Suitable for analysis of energies from 6-18 MV

Quad Wedge Plates Equivalent Depth Range (cm)

0.9-8.1 (Electron Energy Wedge Plate)
0.9-23.9 (Photon Energy Wedge Plate)

GMF™ Mounting Fixture

No adapter required; Buildup up to 10 cm; Electron cones up to 20 x 20 cm

We offer comprehensive packages for TG-51 & Halcyon Acceptance.