MapCHECK® 3 is the gold standard for IMRT QA requiring large field measurements. It offers the highest detector density, highest sensitivity, and largest field size of 2D arrays. Plus, it's uniquely TG 218-compliant.

Built for Pre-Treatment IMRT QA
SunPoint® 2 Diode Detectors placed uniformly throughout the array offer high sensitivity and proven stability in a large active field size (26 cm x 32 cm). A real-time electrometer measures every pulse with 50-millisecond updates.

Easy Comparison Features
Simply import the QA files from your TPS, and let SNC Patient™ software compare dose distribution from the plan file to actual measured values. Measured points outside of acceptance criteria are highlighted for high and low dose.

See why MapCHECK 3 is the chosen solution for IMRT QA.

Address Rotational Beams

Use MapCHECK 3 with MapPHAN™, a water equivalent phantom, for RapidArc®, VMAT, and TomoTherapy®. Setup time is fast and measurement can occur in coronal and sagittal orientations.

Quick Start Features

Portable and lightweight array with no warm-up or pre-irradiation necessary for use

Easy Annual Calibration

Patented Wide Field Calibration step-by-step instructions are included in SNC Patient™ software, for a 15-minute annual calibration.

Isocentric Mounting Fixtures

GMF™ and IMF™ Mounting Fixtures mount the MapCHECK 3 to the head of the gantry for quick, reproducible isocentric measurements at any gantry angle.

SNC Patient™ Software

Import QA files from TPS, and SNC Patient compares dose distribution of plan file to actual measured values. Points outside acceptance criteria are clearly highlighted.



Device Specifications

Detector Type

SunPoint® 2 Diode Detectors

Detector Quantity


Field Size (cm)

26 x 32

Detector Spacing (mm)


Active Detector Area (mm x mm)

0.48 x 0.48

Active Detector Volume (mm3)


Detector Sensitivity (nC/Gy)


Sampling Frequency (ms)


Detector Stability

1%/kGy at 6 MV

Dose Rate Dependence

±1.5% over the range of 100 cGy/min to 1400 cGy/min

Inherent Buildup (g/cm2)


Inherent Backscatter (g/cm2)


Radiation Measured

Photons: Co-60 to 25 MV

Number of Connection Cables

Single power/data cable

Dimensions (L/W/H)

56.0 cm x 29.2 cm x 3 cm

Weight (kg)


System Requirements (SNC Patient)

Operating System

Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 Professional


Recommended 2.4 GHz or better, multi‑core (2 or more cores)


Recommended 4 GB or more

Hard Drive Space

Recommended 5 GB or more


Rotational Therapy

RapidArc®, VMAT, TomoHelical™ IMRT, TomoDirect™, 3D Conformal, Dynamic Wedge

Treatment Planning Systems

Pinnacle®, Eclipse®,Monaco®, iPlan®, and any TPS system that can export DICOM data


FFF & non-FFF