More than 5,000 cancer centers worldwide rely on us for independent, integrated Quality Management. Our solutions span Patient QA, Machine QA, Laser Alignment, Dosimetry and Diagnostic QA.

Machine QA solutions enable daily, monthly and annual QA – while ensuring Patient Safety. Review key solutions below.

Daily, Monthly & Annual QA

Our established Machine QA solutions have been proven over years of clinical use and a wealth of published literature.

<p>Real-Time, Tankless Beam Scanning</p>

Real-Time, Tankless Beam Scanning

IC PROFILER™ provides powerful, real-time beam performance data for linac acceptance, routine QA and more. Plus, it offers direct connectivity to SunCHECK Machine™. Download datasheet >

<p>Daily Beam Quality Analysis in One Measurement</p>

Daily Beam Quality Analysis in One Measurement

Daily QA 3™ detects linac beam delivery errors with independence and the utmost efficiency, with direct connectivity to SunCHECK Machine™. Download datasheet >

<p>Machine QA in a Single Workflow</p>

Machine QA in a Single Workflow

SunCHECK™ Machine integrates all Machine QA — from Daily Output checks to Annual QA tasks, and everything in between — with visibility for all stakeholders. Download datasheet >

Stereotactic & MRgRT Delivery Machine QA

As these treatment delivery types increase, Sun Nuclear offers custom solutions to meet the stringent demands of stereotactic treatments, or address the unique challenges magnetic fields present.

<p>MR-Compliant, Daily Beam Quality Measurement</p>

MR-Compliant, Daily Beam Quality Measurement

Daily QA™-MR is the first commercially available daily QA device for MR-linacs. It enables fast beam quality checks in the presence of magnetic fields. Download MR solutions brochure >

<p>MR-Compliant, Real-Time, Tankless Beam Scanning</p>

MR-Compliant, Real-Time, Tankless Beam Scanning

ViewRay and Elekta rely on IC PROFILER™-MR for system testing, installations and service. MRgRT users around the world rely on it, too – for optimal workflow efficiency. Download MR solutions brochure >

<p>End-to-End Stereotactic QA</p>

End-to-End Stereotactic QA

StereoPHAN™ streamlines stereotactic end-to-end testing and QA. It's easy and efficient to use — no tools required for setup across tests — and it works with a variety of detectors (ion chambers, film, and SRS MapCHECK). Download datasheet >

“Use of the ICA (IC PROFILER) greatly speeds up the steering process because of its real-time feedback and reduces effort by eliminating the need to setup a 3D water scanning tank.”

  • S. Gao, et al, Journal of Applied Clinical Medical Physics, 2018
  • Quantification of Beam Steering with an Ionization Chamber Array

Abstracts of Note

Recent educational events have included a range of published findings featuring use of Sun Nuclear solutions, including SunCHECK, SRS MapCHECK, ArcCHECK, and more. Click the links below for details.

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